New Year, New Me B.S.

It’s a little late for a New Year’s post considering yesterday was V-day and all, but better late than never. So, here’s my gripe with New Year’s resolutions. Yes, they are usually a variation of the same shit each year, but the thing I find the most issue with is that they are typically NEGATIVE. Like, yes, my pants are way tighter after all those Christmas casseroles, but do I need a looming resolution saying ‘YOU ARE FAT’? While I do still have some resolutions up my sleeve (drink a little less, flat abs by the summer? D:), I found that a more motivating exercise is to make an annual bucket list. Last year’s bucket list (titled ‘Two Tears in a Bucket, Mother Fuck It’ after a catch phrase from Lady Chablis in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) ranged from getting a scuba certification (which I didn’t get around to doing) to going on a Catdog Eurotrip. What’s amazing is that this different perspective and focus on positive things made it enjoyable and easy to get my goals done. I would say I completed about 70% of the list, and some of the ones I didn’t get around to I have rolled over to this year’s list. This is pretty different from my New Year’s resolutions, which always seem to fall off by the wayside by.. oh, I don’t know, month 5?

My aunt passed away about a year and a half ago–right about the time I started working my first real job. One of her last wishes was for my cousins to go to Europe, which they did this past summer. Visiting Europe had always been one of her dreams, but she eventually let it turn into a pipe dream because of responsibilities, marriage, career, kids, etc. While she never got to go in her lifetime, I am glad that she imparted this gift on my cousins, and also taught us the importance of achieving these short term goals while the opportunity is there. So here’s my 2016 list, dedicated to my aunt’s memory, right in time for her birthday, Galentine’s, and Valentine’s.

  • Scuba certified
  • Meditation retreat
  • Volunteer/mentor
  • Climb highest point in GA
  • Flat stomach/abs
  • Visit SF/bay area to see my family~
  • Law school apps!!!
  • Video-a-day project
  • First real wedding with cuzzos! And DC trip with BB* 😀
  • Explore Atlanta more
  • Fernbank Friday
  • Blog/travel blog
  • FL trip 

I’m excited to see (hopefully all of) these things become a reality this year. Well, that’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for my long overdue post about my Catdog Eurotrip adventures. And don’t forget—appreciate the little things, always.


P.S. Heh, had to include these cute snaps from a great weekend.

Chitty Cha’s Dora the Explorer themed birthday party 2.12.16
Galentine’s 2.13.16



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