New York, New York

Testing, testing… is this thing still on?

So, I’m gearing up for my month-long mecca through Southeast Asia, and decided it was about time to dust off the old WordPress. It’s been about nine months since my last post and a LOT has changed, but I won’t bore y’all with the nitty gritty.

Quick synopsis AKA the highlight reel:

  • Received acceptances to law school and will be moving away from Georgia this fall
  • Quit my environmental engineering gig with CDM Smith after two (almost three) years
  • Already briefly mentioned, but heading to Southeast Asia the day after tomorrow! EEEEEEK. Eat, Play, Love or something like that.

As I was packing and organizing for my upcoming trip, I flipped through my GoPro and found a bunch of video clips that I had done absolutely nothing with. What’s the point of my wonderful, amazing best friends (shoutout to my BB*s) buying me this little nugget if I just leave it all to rot on my computer? So, here we are. I threw together a little video from my solo trip to the Big City last October. To give y’all a little context, I stayed at an Airbnb hostel in Williamsburg/Brooklyn where I met amazing hostel mates from all over the world. We bonded super quick and did some of the more typical tourist activities (e.g. World Trade Center Memorial, Shake Shack, Time Square), as well as some not-so-typical activities (e.g. Long Island backyard DJ party and drag night at an insane club called House of Yes where we danced onstage). I also got to catch up with some old friends/bonafide New Yorkers and ate and drank to my heart’s content (shout out to Teressa, Nico, Ricky, Jenny, and James for showing me a good time). I was actually in NYC for law school visits, but who says you can’t mix a little business with pleasure?? (;

Places I recommend visiting:

  • Chelsea Market — highly recommend Los Tacos No. 1 for a quick snack! Lots of cool shops and foods to peruse around the market as well. Also, near the market there are dozens of art galleries that have cool art and AIR CONDITIONING.
  • Comedy Cellar — they have special guests drop in regularly. I got to see Sarah Silverman!!! I love Wreck it Ralph and dressed as Vanellope Von Schweetz for Halloween so this was beyond amazing. So surreal. Thanks Ricky and Jenny for urging me to go in by myself since there was only ONE seat left in the house. Learn from my mistakes and make sure to book a ticket in advance!!!
  • High Line Park — a converted rail line and train station that now has beautiful greenery, fountains, and art lining the former train tracks. You get pretty sick views of the city from up there.
  •  House of Yes (aforementioned club) — it’s not always drag night, but regardless, this place always puts on a show. There are aerial performers, burlesque dancers, and glitter galore.
  • Mezzrow — small, cozy jazz club owned by the same owner of Smalls (the more famous big brother to Mezzrow). I tried to get into Smalls, but it was impossible. Mezzrow is easier to get into if you arrive early, but I still would recommend making reservations in advance. Also, your ticket at Mezzrow will get you into Smalls!

There’s my top hits of my NYC trip. And now, for the video! I used GoPro Quik to put it together, muted their music in the regular GoPro editing software, and put in one of my favorite songs instead*. This was my first video created from my GoPro and I hope y’all enjoy!! Definitely brought me back to that beautiful weekend in October. Have a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY y’all, and remember—appreciate the little things, always.


*GoPro Quik will sync your video clips to music. The caveat is that you can only choose from their music selection, which is–to be frank–pretty lame. I chose to use GoPro Quik since it takes a lot of the headache out of editing, but put my own choice of music using the regular GoPro editing software.

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